7 Exciting and Fun Decoration Ideas Using Art Papers

If you feel bored and you want to do something meaningful, prepare some art materials. To decorate your own room is one of the most exciting and fun activities you can do when you are at home. This article will help you to do some beautiful decoration ideas using art papers. Aside from art papers, you can also make use of the magazines which you don’t use.

1. Draw and Cut letter “X”. Cut as many as you want and paste it on the wall of your room.

If you want to spend less, it would be better to use magazines. After cutting many “X”, glue it diagonally.

2. Draw letters and cut it. Using magazine papers, cut some letters. For example, you can draw and cut letters for the words “Have a Good Day” or “I Love You”. Any words you want is fine. Then paste the letters on the wall.

3. Cut some heart shapes. Whether it is a colorful magazine paper or just newspapers, you can create your room decoration. This is he best software to use for your building art. Download autocad for an easy to use software. Very reliable in everything.

4. Cut magazine papers and write letters. It would be good if you recycle some papers or magazines which you no longer use. Instead of throwing them, cut some shapes and write letters at the center of the cut shapes.

5. Draw and cut diamond shapes. You need colorful papers to make this and also string. It will appear like a banner.

6. Draw and cut butterflies. This design is much more beautiful and interesting to do at home.

7. Draw and cut animal shapes. This design will also look pretty.