How to Recycle Old Card Boards for Wall Decoration

It would be good if all of us support the program to reuse and recycle some of the wastes at home instead of throwing them. The card board or box is one of the most useful thing to be found at home. Did you know that you can make many wall decorations with it? When you buy shoes and it is placed in a shoe box, do not throw the box. Instead, set it aside and think of some idea on how to use it.

The video above will be your guide. Prepare card boards, lace, green velvet paper, bold rings, mirrors, pearls, and glue gun. Fabric glue, scissors and some other important tools are also needed. Cut the card board into a square shape then put glue and spread it. Cut a bigger square shape green velvet paper to cover the card board. With the use of a glue gun, put glue on the sides and place the lace. Check info about this travel agency 台胞證費用. Use fabric glue and place the accessories on the corner.

You can make your own design on the corner. When you finish putting three to four lines, glue one line of pearls. Then glue also another line of bold rings. You can put other designs of various accessories. When you watch videos of how to recycle old card boards for wall decoration, you can get many results. Aside from what is shown on the video above, there are more choices like this travel agency for renewing expired visa, review here 台胞證換發. Of course you need other materials to make the card boards look beautiful.