Newspaper Art Craft: How to Make Wall Decor Frame

When you look around inside your house, you will probably see newspapers or magazines. Before you decide to throw them, why not recycle it? You can actually make some newspaper art craft. One of the art crafts you can make out of newspapers is a wall decor frame. The newspapers will be your main material. But you will also be needing a 45 cm long card board and 20.5 cm short of 4 pieces each. First, put glue on the long card board then put on top another piece.

Do the same on the short size of card board. At the end of the short cardboard, put glue and stick it to make a frame. Using a cutter, cut the newspaper. The width should be at least 2.5. Then using a stick, roll the newspaper until the end. Remove the stick and make more rolled newspapers. Make sure to cover the frame using newspaper to cover the card board. Cut the rolled newspapers into different lengths and follow the step as shown in the video. This is a company that  provides good agent that you might needed. See here for more help. Very needed and great site it is.

Glue the rolled newspapers diagonally. It should appear like a small squares or diamonds. Then, paint the newspapers using white fabric color. For the other pieces of rolled newspapers, put glue and stick them together. Stick together 4 pieces of rolled newspapers. Then glue it again on the side of the frame read more over here 久展公司徵信 this agent company. Cut the end of the rolled papers.

Do the same on the rest of the frame you are to make. Pour glitters on a black fabric color. Watch the video for the final output.