The 5 simple but very helpful tips to having ideas to draw

If you have been drawing then you may have experience being excited and all is ready. You just need to draw now but suddenly you do not have any idea on what would you draw. The video below illustrates it and the one who makes it is very good in making the video as if it is happening really at that point in time. Let us watch the video and also see what are the practical things that are given as tips that you can apply.

You have seen the video and it is really helpful. One said that when he does not know what to draw, he just trace her hands and make something from it. To make shading and other things so that it would be decorated and not just lines. There, he has an idea what to draw already. The number one tip given in the video is that draw what you feel at that moment. You can draw one in male or female form and then you now have an idea to add to it.

You can also make a list that you will follow on what is the subject of your drawing. Or you can just get a list of others and stick to the list. From one topic you can think of others also to make next so it is a good one o have a list. It is really helpful if you have an inspiration or you can get ideas from others. In his time it is easier as many share their work freely.